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xgps Finally available xGPS 1.2 [Cydia]

The new version of xGPS is finally out. Avaliable in Cydia for jailbreaked iPhones. The biggest improvement of this version, as you know, is the support for the voice instructions.

img 0136 Finally available xGPS 1.2 [Cydia] img 0137 Finally available xGPS 1.2 [Cydia]

You can watch the video of this app here and here.

xgps 300x200 xGPS: Turn By Turn Voice Navigation for iPhone [Cydia]

xGPS uses Google’s map data and driving directions, adding a real-time navigation readout and a voice engine. You can also select a map area to download ahead of time, just in case you expect to lose your data connection during the drive. There is also a night mode for those who hate bright white screen shining at night.

xGPS without vocalization in already available in Cydia for jailbreaked iPhones. The new version 1.2 will be ready in a week or so.

Sounds like one more reason to jailbreak. Watch the video, how this nice app works: