120 400x108 New Apple TV Allows App Installation, Needs Launcher

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith found out that iOS applications can installed on the new Apple TV. You only need to slightly modify the applications to identify them as Apple TV-compatible. Of course, Steven’s discovery is an important step in developers’ quest to run applications on the device, but the applications are not yet usable, as the Apple TV doesn’t have any application launcher that would be required for an app to function.

So, even if you can install apps after modifying its type, you just can’t launch them. There’s no built-in facility to do that. Steven believes that the first ones, who can do it, will the hackers or jailbreakers. But Apple will follow them soon. Apple CEO recently confirmed that Apple could launch an App Store for the Apple TV. But Apple should hurry up, especially as Google prepares to launch its Google TV service offering several integrated applications and compatibility with Android Market applications.

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