Installed packages

This is a tutorial, that shows step by step how to install Java on the IPhone.

What we need is a working unlocked and jailbraked IPhone with Installer. I used latest firmware 1.1.4, unlocked, jailbreaked and customized by winpwn.

First of all I’d like to say we all want to use legal IPhones and operators. So everything written below is for testing purposes only :-) . Hopefully this technology will be avaliable on all IPhones sold worldwide. You also might need to recover your IPhone, so make sure you backed up all your data. I personally did everything without any problems and needs to recover. Everything you do is your responsibility, etc…

So let’s start, because it’s worth it! It’s just one evening and you will be able to create your personal Java application, compile and run it on the IPhone, and amaze all your friends :-) .

There are two steps:

Step 1: Go to Installer and install Mobile Terminal and Cydia Installer.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and set it to Never. This will avoid some troubles during installation.
  2. Run Installer. Repository for Terminal should be already there (BigBoss), because it is in latest Community Sources.
  3. Add repository for Cydia Installer and refresh
  4. Go to Install -> System
  5. Find Term-vt100 – Mibile Terminal App. I used version svn278. Install it.
  6. Go to System again and find Cydia Installer – The Future of the IPhone. I used version 1.0. Install it.
  7. Exit. Restart IPhone. Two icons for Terminal and Cydia should appear.

Here are some screenshots for Step1:

Go to Installer Go to System Find Term-vt100

Install Term-vt100 Find Cydia Installer Install Cydia Installer

Two icons should appear

Step 2: Go to Cydia Installer and install Java.

  1. Run Cydia Installer.
  2. Go to Install – Java section. You will find many programms there.
  3. Select IPhone/Java. It will install most of the needed packages, which includes vm, libraries, etc.
  4. Click confirm and wait a little bit.
  5. Go to Java section again and install Jikes package (itwill be probably the only one left). Jikes is a compiler.
  6. Go to Installed Packages tab. Check that Classpath, IPhone/Java, JamVM, Jikes are installed. Several other packages will be there too (Java SQLite, JocStap, etc).
  7. Exit Cydia and restart IPhone. Congratulations!!! You’re done installing Java.

Run Cydia Installer Go to Java section Java section

Select IPhone/Java IPhone/Java dependencies Installation of IPhone/Java

Jikes Jikes Install Jikes

Installed packages Installed packages

That’s it. The tutorial about using all this stuff is here :)