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pe 400x359 The AppStore application with references to Jailbreak

iSpazio reported a very strange AppStore applicatin called Photo Effects. There are clear references to Jailbreak due to the presence of 4 icons: “Installer” “launcher”, “Terminal” and “DockSwap”. Furthermore, the screenshot is quite old, was shot by the application “Dock” and portrays the 1.1.1 firmware. Open bets: How fast it will be eliminated from AppStore?

ants1 266x400 Ants are back [Cydia]

Once again we have the ability to have ants running on our iPhone. This little toy was available on firmware 1.1.x. Now the developer has update the code to support firmware 2.x. If you don’t remember ants take a look at the video below. This toy is easy to use. As you might remember you open the app and activate the ants. Then open your notes and watch the ants fill the screen. You can smash them or shake your iPhone to remove them. Ants is available in Cydia for jailbreaked iPhones.

This application is developed by Jay Freeman, the creator of the Cydia. Veency is a free app that allows iPhone owners to remotely control their iPhone from PC or Mac desktop via a VNC client.

Here are some of the features:

  • Launch applications on your iPhone
  • Reply to emails, text messages, and more
  • Rearrange icons
  • Lock/Unlock your iPhone
  • Browse through Photos and Contacts

Of course you cannot do two finger gestures with this app. All other actions can be done with the click of your mouse. The only area in which Veency fails tragically at is when opening any video recording application on the iPhone.

This application is avaliable for jailbreaked iPhones via Cydia installer.

Be sure to restart your iPhone after installing Veency and connect to the server using a Wi-Fi connection. We recommend using UltraVNC or TightVNC to connect your Windows desktop. If you’re using a Mac, we recommend Chicken VNC.

Here is a video demonstration:

via readwriteweb